Do you have what it takes to save you and your family from a zombie apocalypse? Try out Into the Dead 2 :the best survival game! Read to know all details here.

Zombies are one of our favourite guilt free targets and so are Nazis and Stormtroopers. And they are preferred more, just like in the shooters game, Into The Dead 2. Thus, with this the premise in the sequel to developer PikPok’s 2012’s original auto run survival game remains the same. The game requires the players to make their way through the shadowy post-apocalypse, shooting zombies. And you may or may not have bullets during the task. You will have to frantically dodge the zombies if you do not have the bullets. And you also need to pay attention to the rising electric green smoke that signals an ammo dump.

The game leads the players to a great experience of fear and aggression. And you indulge so much in the game that even if you get the scarcity of ammunition, you’ll be mostly dodging and not firing.

Weapons play a major role in the game to fight with the zombies. They are indeed the real stars of the game. There’s a huge variety of weapons ranging from pistols to shotguns and assault rifles. However, only those weapons can be used by you that you unlock by clearing the levels. As you clear each level, you will get some cards, a collection of which helps in unlocking those weapons.

The sniper rifle and crossbow are purely aspirational items which cannot be unlocked easily. Whereas you could easily avail some mid range weapons. The game is a 17+ game because it contains a lot of fight scenes. For instance, if the zombie grabs you and you have a knife you can tap the screen and stick it into its eyeball or ear. So experience the thrill of Into the Dead 2 by downloading it today from the play store or iOS App Store.