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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time- here is all updates on the game along with our review on it.

We are gonna get a great comeback from the marsupial of legend. And the exciting part is that he’ll be fluffy as never before. The franchise has came up with new features which has aroused a lot of interest in the players. So aren’t you excited to get every minute deet about its return? Well, here we have brought everything for you. So keep reading to know all the details.

Although marsupial of legend will be fluffy this time but no such softness and cuddly thing in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. This cute and colorful platformer in true crash fashion is all set to kick our asses.

The first game of this franchise came in 1996. And since the time it got launched it dealt with tripping players up. The enemies and hurdles come to the gamers and make them run into the screen in 3D level. Isn’t it really intense? Well yes, the intensity level is similar to the chase level.

In the chase level, Crash struggles to safe itself from the beasts by moving near the players. Ever since the game released it has put up good level challenges for the gamers and provided them with new characters as well as sweet animals for becoming the rides of the players. And the difficulty level of game has also increased in the new version. Players are really gonna enjoy every second in the game. However, the dangers at every instance will take the players back to the previous checkpoint.

So what’s your favourite part in the game? Is it dying before the level checkpoint? Or the battle cry? Well, I know players are all hyped up seeing the new features of the game.

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