CDPR Reaffirms They Have No Idea When Sony Will Lift ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Store Ban

It’s time again for a series of financial backer calls, and obviously, CDPR was met with a natural inquiry during theirs. When is Cyberpunk 2077 going to be permitted back on the PlayStation store by Sony, where it’s been restricted for almost a half year now?

This time, it was Adam Kiciński who responded to the inquiry, and in spite of how long it’s been, transferred that they have precisely no new data about the circumstance.

CDPR Reaffirms They Have No Idea When Sony Will Lift ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Store Ban


“Lamentably, I have no new data in such manner,” he said. “We are as yet in conversations and with each fixes the game improves and there is a noticeable advancement, however as we said the choice is an elite choice of Sony, so we are sitting tight for the data about the way that they took the choice to bring back this game. Up to that point, I am not ready to reveal to you much else.”

This is somewhat of an unexpected tone in comparison to Kiciński saying they had “amicable relations” with Sony back in April, and past responses to this inquiry have said that it would be “closer than further” after the game has been fixed on different occasions. In any case, nothing has changed.

CDPR Reaffirms They Have No Idea When Sony Will Lift ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Store Ban

The Sony issue is critical for CDPR, given that 1) computerized deals are generally over a portion of all deals for defining moments nowadays, 2) there are 115 million PS4s in the wild, and 3) the PS5 is the quickest selling console ever. Cyberpunk quickly sold 13 million duplicates in December, yet the speed has drastically dropped since, which CDPR faults on the story encompassing the game’s delivery (ie. it’s heaps of issues) and its expulsion from the PlayStation store. The evacuation both in a real sense limits deals of the game, yet additionally conveys a more extensive message that the game was broken to the point that Sony made the stride of declining to sell it all together, which CDPR accepts even hurt deals on different stages.

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