Call of Duty mobile game: for all the shooter game fans out there, this one is the best! Check out the gameplay and latest details.

By 2 weeks ago

It has been over a year since PUBG mobile has got its multiplayer shooter game on smartphones. Whereas, several PUBG players are also earning money through tournaments and youTube videos. Enough of it has been already had by the vast majority of recreational mobile gamers. And here’s the point where more of the excitement enters, Call of Duty.

This game has a lot of similarities with PUBG. However, this one is faster and smoother than it. It even provides us a feel of modern warfare. Call of Duty mobile got available in Apple App Store and Google Play in October. It didn’t even take the game a week to become the most popular game in India. According to the records, there were an approximate of 14 millions download of the game in the country.

Yes, the numbers are a little surprising but quite obvious because Call of Duty makes PUBG seem a bit of boring. The most important feature people liked in it is that it offers realistic and amazing visual graphics that too with no lags. Ultimately what everyone loves about it is that its speed. The game is faster than PUBG mobile and also there’s more of shooting and less talking.

Call of Duty also provides the players an opportunity to get into the shoes of highly trained and equipped commandos whereas PUBG mobile has a fancy dress competition going on with some old weaponry. Call of Duty is somewhat related to the modern day battle field and thus, people like it more. Because of the features like gliding and firing automatic rifles like PDW-57 and SAM Turrets.

Best part is that there are five online multiplayer modes in the game, these are, Free-for-all, Front line, team Deathmatch, Domination and Hardpoint.