Boris and the Dark Survival: the best game for all the Bendy and the Ink Machine fans! Read to know all details about it.

The first big update of Boris and the Dark Survival is out now. There’s also a fresh content in the game which provides the player with an all new story to explore. As you move forward in the game’s world of inky goodness, you find it more mysterious and adventurous. The new update has brought some darker and scarier levels that it’s players can explore. And there’s a new location as well, the place has ample of neat things to discover.

The new location is a huge place which adds more intensity to the unfamiliar surrounding as you start to explore it. The updation has also brought some horror elements in the game. Anything can pop out and scare you at any instant, whether you are having food to refuel yourself or interacting with any other item.

Well, it doesn’t end here. There are some more unknown elements for the players in the dark universe. It includes some never seen before levels and also some new enemies skulling around the Hall. Thus, the players have two things to worry about.

But you do not need to worry. There are some awesome rewards to appreciate all your efforts. The new locations have some wonderful surprises for you to discover. So download the game and enjoy playing it with all the new updates and defeat the old Ink Demon in the game to win.

For people who haven’t downloaded the game yet, you can find this amazing Boris and the Dark Survival game on Google play store and App store in just $0.99. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your mobile phones and enjoy playing the Boris and the Dark Survival :Mobile Games now.