Slender: A Crooked Manifestation – A game made in India for Steam

Indie developers have gone from casual mobile games to manifesting ones for Steam

India has its fair share of making horror content, but in the form of movies and books. But not games. Also, horror games haven’t had the best track record on the market. The only one that is still at the top of the horror genre is the Resident Evil franchise. But even that can’t compete against your average action or shooter game, for instance, Doom. 

Enter Buggy Interactive. This indie team consisting of four members, including alums from Glu and Ubisoft are putting their own to the horror genre. They created Slender: A Crooked Manifestation for PC. The game will soon be available on Steam.

The Developers

Slender: A Crooked Manifestation - A game made in India for Steam 1
Buggy Interactive

Samarth Goel, one of the developers says that Indian developers usually go for casual projects for mobile devices. Goel and his team believes that by creating a first person horror survival, they can inspire other developers.

His team consists of Aditya Narayan Pandey, Shivanand Chidre, and Kartik Yadawad. The team had previously worked on projects like  Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. 

The game tells the story of a female character who is stranded on an island and is trying to survive. Players will get to do various objectives, and occassionally face Slenderman, the primary antagonist, as well as the children that Slenderman previously abducted. Goel promises a slow paced and horrifying experience.

Acquiring rights

Slender: A Crooked Manifestation - A game made in India for Steam 2
Buggy Interactive

Slenderman was created by Eric Knudsen and the 2018 movie was created by Mythology Entertainement. When asked if the team got permission from Knudsen or the studio, Goel said that the website domain for the studio is currently expired. Meanwhile, they’re still trying to contact Knudsen asking for his approval.

The game is being created with Unreal Engine, which is something new for Indian developers who usually opt for Unity.

The recommended specs for running the game is a PC having 8GB DDR4 RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 with an i5 processor, or a Ryzen 5 processor.

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