Rocket League just brought back a fan-favourite mode for limited time


Enjoy exciting matches in some old and new arenas

Psyonix and Epic Games have officially announced that Rocket Labs has made yet another return to Rocket League as the game’s current limited time mode. Rocket Labs features a mix of old and new Rocket Lab Arenas, and it’s live right now, so fans should go ahead and check it out. Currently, no end date has been announced, but the Rocket Labs event in January was only available through the weekend, so you might not get a lot of time. The Rocket Labs Arena had been an integral part of the game’s success ever since it came out back in 2016.

The arenas


The Rocket Labs Limited Time Event always offers experimental arenas that have different fields and obstacles than what players are accustomed to. The arenas had been added and removed a number of times throughout the years, but Psyonix announced in 2021 that it’s going to be available as a regular LTM. Rocket League has become a free-to-play game from 2020, and fans who had been waiting for it to become free might not have had a chance to play some of these arenas.

Can it become permanent?


Maybe, if it greatly increases the player count. Rocket Labs are popular enough, but if the new gamers get hooked onto it, Psyonix can make the mode permanent. But Rocket Labs are not the only LTM that’s got fans excited. Popular arenas such as Heatseeker is also back, after leaving the game in February 22. But it’s safe to assume that due to its popularity, players won’t have to wait too long before seeing it again.

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