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Metal Gear Solid movie: Oscar Isaac will be Starring as Solid Snake in the Hideo Kojima’s Iconic Video Game Based Movie

We have already got confirmation that Oscar Isaac will be starring as Solid Snake in the film

Metal Gear is undoubtedly one of the best games belonging to the special ops category. Created by the legendary game director Hideo Kojima, the series has been around for 30 years and have some brilliant stories, which are badass, surreal, and emotional at the same time.

But in the long period since it’s been around, no on-screen adaptations have been made except for a few fan projects. In fact, the movie we are getting right now has been in the works since the mid-2000s. But all the rumours have proven to be true as we are indeed getting a movie with Snake being the lead character. Dune and Star Wars star Oscar Isaac will be playing the ex-Green Beret in the Hollywood live-action movie.

The story


There is a treasure trove of stories belonging to the Metal Gear franchise and the Metal Gear Solid film can choose from the ones that they see fit. As per Deadline, since this is the first adaptation, the story will be adapting the very first Metal Gear Solid game, which had Solid Snake as the primary character. Snake, who is an ex-special ops soldier, infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralise a terrorist threat belonging to the renegade special forces unit known as FOXHOUND.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kings of Summer, Kong: Skull Island) said that the movie will be getting an R-Rating, and will be making sure that the movie is like Kojima’s version, and wants the movie to be such that it doesn’t matter that it’s been based on a video game.

We have yet to receive an official release date.

(Cover: Jordan Vogt-Roberts)