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Looks Like We May Not Get The CyberPunk 2077 DLC As Promised In Early 2021!!

Game Developer CD Projekt has not been making some incredible memories right now on account of its Cyberpunk 2077 title and the number of bugs that it had. While these bugs are tended to and discounts are broadly accessible, the developer appears to do significantly more to fix the standing. Also, to do that, it needs to satisfy the guarantee that it made beforehand, which was of giving a free DLC for the game in mid-2021. Notwithstanding, it seems like gamers won’t get the guaranteed free DLC at any point in the near future.

What Is Causing The Delay?

As indicated by Engadget, the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine shows that the page expressing the appearance of a free DLC in mid-2021 may have been made live around the same time as the game dispatched. This was before the gamers came out with all the bugs and began posting them via online media.

Looks Like We May Not Get The CyberPunk 2077 DLC As Promised In Early 2021!!

At the point when the bugs began springing up, CD Projekt, on December 15 held a crisis telephone call to talk about how the organization would respond to it. On that call, it is currently revealed that the organization president and co-CEO, Adam Kicinski told financial specialists that it was “too soon to pass judgment” when the organization may have the option to deliver the guaranteed DLC.

Looks Like We May Not Get The CyberPunk 2077 DLC As Promised In Early 2021!!

He was asked that “What is your opinion about your capacity to deliver several DLCs one year from now, and, clearly, multiplayer in 2022?” He answered “Frankly, it’s too soon to pass judgment. Right now please let us handle the circumstance, and please let us make some more appraisals – that is still in front of us; we don’t have the foggiest idea yet, and we’re currently centered around improving Cyberpunk. We’ll examine this right on time one year from now.”

At the present time, the organization has vowed to give out two significant patches for the game this month and in February. Thus, in the event that you were expecting a free DLC. It may show up simply after the organization is finished revealing the patches, which implies by February-end or March, or perhaps later.