Hatoful Boyfriend: what is this new birdie game all about? Check out all details and updates.

DeveloperDigital made a game Hatoful Boyfriend versatile game. This game has an undertaking class. This game depends on the tale of Pigeon and it will give you another point of view with winged creatures while you gain involvement in the game.


This game become mainstream for the romantic tale of pigeon in the lofty St. PigeoNation’s Institute. This is the organization for most capable pigeons on the planet. The creative mind of the engineer of this game is stunning in the field of affection.

This game gets qualified after second July 2016 preceding that this game is limited to a large portion of the individuals. This game was keep going refreshed on 13 July 2016 after that this game isn’t refreshed or after that update, this game turns into a completely working game.


What do you have to download this game?

To play the game you gotta pay Rs. 300 first as it is a paid game. Apart from that, you also need to have an Android Version of 2.3 or up. The game has the storage size of around 27 MB. It also has an age limit of more than 12+ as it has some sexual content. That is all you need to know for the game’s requirement.

About Hatoful Boyfriend:


This game is about pigeon story at the renowned St. PigeoNation’s Institute. In this establishment, you need to take confirmation and go to classes to pick up understanding. This incorporates visits with feathered creatures and you likewise need to take care of them and there is additionally a romantic tale of these pigeons. In this story, everybody has its job including you. Thus, go play and increase understanding and you will become more acquainted with about everything.