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Halo Infinite: We will be getting the game in mid to late 2021and here are all its features

Know about the resolution, multiplayer, games pass, and if there will be a new battle royale

Halo Infinite is getting a delayed release after getting some fan backlash. The game was originally intended to arrive with the new Xbox Series X/S, on November 10.

The gameplay for the beloved franchise was shown earlier this year, but fans didn’t like what they saw. This prompted 343 Industries to delay the game indefinitely while fix the numerous issues that fans pointed out and improve the game’s graphics. After seeing the gameplay, fans not only criticized the graphics but made the character Craig into a meme.

For now, 343 Industries has said that the game will be coming out in the fall, meaning September or November.

Other features


The platforms will of course be all things Microsoft, such as the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Windows Store and Steam.

The resolution is said to be 4K 60fps for the campaign and 120fps for the multiplayer on Xbox Series X. The company hasn’t stated whether the multiplayer will be getting 4K yet. They also haven’t mentioned whether 4K will be native or upscaled, and we can only find out if they release a snippet before the game’s release. The game will be getting a lower resolution for the Xbox Series S, most likely 1440p 60fps.

The game will of course be available on Xbox Game Pass upon release, and they won’t have to pay $60-70 for the game. The multiplayer will be available for free.

Fans have been expecting Halo Infinite to introduce a battle royale version, and Halo is a game where it can really work as well. But 343 Industries has confirmed that they won’t be adding a battle royale feature and will be sticking to a more traditional playstyle.

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