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Fallout 76 is Coming with a Special “Bombs Drop Day” Limited Sale! You wouldn’t want to Miss this

Credit: Bethesda

Now buy items at a lesser cost!

For the first time ever, Fallout 76 is having a special limited time event called “Bombs Drop Day,” where there is going to be a discount in the prices of Atoms, the main currency in the game. The event is not limited to a single day, but will be starting from now and ends on October 26.

Atoms are used to buy items so that you can decorate your C. A. M. P settlements and also for buying emotes to chat with other gamers. Atoms can be obtained by completing various tasks, but the easiest way to obtain them is by spending your own money.

The Prices


Once again, the event will be lasting till October 26, and if you’re really wanting to buy something but have been hesitant in spending your own money, now is probably the right time as we are unsure when such an event can happen again.

Here are the discounted prices of various Atom bundles next to how much discount the game is offering:

  • 500 Atoms – $3.99 (20% off base price)
  • 1000 Atoms +100 bonus Atoms – $7.49 (25% off base price)
  • 2000 Atoms +400 bonus Atoms – $13.99(30% off base price)
  • 4000 Atoms +1000 bonus Atoms – $25.99 (35% off base price)

Atoms aren’t the only thing on sale currently. The game itself is on sale along with some of its content bundles. You can purchase Fallout 76 for 60% the original price, the Fallout 76 Wastelands Deluxe Edition has a discount of 50%, and the Settlers Content Bundle, Raiders Content Bundle, and Raiders and Settlers combo bundle have a discount of 40%.

Thr Bombs Drop Day event also gives you the opportunity to earn double the S.C.O.R.E. and double the experience for every character along with good discounts for weapons and armour sets.