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‘Fall Guys’ Might Bring Back a Rejected Game Concept Thanks to Netflix’s Squid Game

After all, Squid Games is just a murderous version of Fall Guys

Fall Guys is the fun platform battle royale game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. They’re now trending after the popularity of Netflix’s Squid Game.

In an interview with Techradar, the lead game designer Joe Walsh admitted the difficulty that the team faces when they have to come up with new concepts. They always brainstorm numerous concepts and some make the final cut while others are scrapped. Walsh mentioned in between that based on the South Korean survival drama, they might be able to bring back a rejected concept.

Walsh’s interview

Squid Game and Fall Guys
Netflix/ Mediatonic

On the number of levels, Walsh mentioned that there were many. He said one that came up right now are levels based on Squid Game, namely, Red Light, Green Light. It was the first game in the series, where the contestants got to understand the danger they got themselves into. Fall Guys had a similar concept, but they didn’t prototype it as they couldn’t see any potential in it.

He also spoke about the difficulty when you try to adapt it to a game. In real life, it’s close to impossible to stay still. But in a video game, you only need to put the controller down. So they thought the game wouldn’t make sense. But now that Squid Game reintroduced the world to these games, it was worth to see if they could try again.

The popularity of both

Fall Guys

Both Squid Game and Fall Guys took the world by storm when they released. From games that invoke nostalgia to vibrant color schemes, to have a process have a cause for immediate elimination, both parties did their jobs well. Many of the rounds in the game could serve as a game round in the series, and vice versa. Therefore, we can hope to see them arrive. After all, Roblox already has Red Light, Green Light and other games shown in Squid Games. 


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