‘Borderlands 3’ DLC 6 Update: Release Date, Murder Mystery Missions, New Machines and More Features!

From the point when “Borderlands” was dispatched in 2009, it turned into a colossal hit that generated a gigantic following as fans went gaga for its storyline and game mechanics. Presently, the game developers have as of late dispatched “Borderlands 3” DLC 6 named Director’s Cut that investigates the legend of the game and assists players with understanding the primary storyline.

“Borderlands 3” DLC 6: Director’s Cut and What to Expect

Newsweek announced that the impending “Borderlands 3” Director’s Cut DLC will have a few features that fans can anticipate, for example, another raid boss, machines, Vault Cards, and then some. Another raid boss will be going to the “Borderlands 3” DLC 6. Hemovorous the Invincible will be situated on Pandora, and overcoming her will concede players the best plunder in the game. In the wake of beating the campaign, players can pay 500 Eridium to fight her. Likewise, anticipate that the fight should be troublesome given that it scales to Mayhem and characters past the 65 level cap.

borderlands 3 DLC 6 update

The “Borderlands 3” Director’s Cut DLC will likewise present new machines in the game, for example, an Anointment reroll called “Crazy Earl’s Reroll” and Maurice’s Black Market Machine. There are likewise new Vault Cards challenges in the DLC that reward players with nostalgic cosmetics and huge experience points. The publication called attention to that solitary the principal card will be accessible on Thursday, April 8, yet two Vault Cards will open up to the world before the year’s over. Each card features three everyday challenges and one weekly test for players in “Borderlands 3.”

Moreover, players can expect another Diamond Armory in “Borderlands 3” DLC 6, which can be opened by utilizing a Diamond Key. There is additionally in the background content that players can see, like idea craftsmanship, storyboards, and different antiquities from building up the game.

Deleted Scene for “Borderlands 3” DLC 6

As indicated by GamesRadar, Gearbox as of late released a deleted scene, which associates with the impending “Borderlands 3” Director’s Cut DLC story. The deleted scene features Ava, as she measures the passing of Maya the Siren, who gave her life to save hers.

Ava and the player made it back to the Promethea camp and advised the miserable news to everybody. The scene is shocking as watchers can see Ava’s feelings. The deleted scene likewise gives a lot of profundity to Maya’s penance. This story will be added to the forthcoming “Borderlands 3” Director’s Cut DLC, where players will join Ava on Murder-Mystery Hunt Missions, finding a lead for her webcast that takes the player to Pandora, Promethea, Eden-6, and Nekrotafeyo.

“Borderlands 3” DLC 6 Release Date

Givemesport noticed that the impending “Borderlands 3” Director’s Cut DLC will be released on Thursday, April 8, as game developers Gearbox Studios have affirmed. Arrangement fans can play the game on Steam through the PC, while PlayStation and Xbox support fans can get to the DLC at local stores.

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