“Zombies 3” Stars Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim addressed dating rumor! MEG AND NOAH: A LOVE STORY IN THE Making

Zombies 3 is coming out soon with Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim back as everyone’s favorite human/zombie couple Zedison!

There has been some confusion about whether or not the two stars are dating, but don’t worry–they’ve recently cleared up those rumors.

The actors, who play alongside one another in the zombie apocalypse film ” undeadliger.” said they were just friends when asked by reporters at this year’s San Diego Comic Con if there was any truth behind recent reports claiming them as lovers.

In response to those questions, meg replied ‘no’ And then followed up with an answer Haha false alarm

“I mean I get it, when I watch Zed and Addison, it’s a match made in heaven,” Milo said. “Me and Meg’s relationship has gotten a lot stronger, you know, of course we hit it off in the beginning, but now Meg is one of my best friends.”

He gets that and added “We’re perfect. So it makes sense,”

“Zedison forever!” said Meg as she echoed.

Meg’s recent relationship has been the subject of much discussion online, with many people guessing that they are dating. Meg confirmed this herself on social media! Meg is dating someone who’s also in the movie!

MEG AND NOAH: A LOVE STORY IN THE Making. she has been seen with Noah Zulfikar. They have been together for over two years now and it looks like they will be continuing their relationship into zombies 3 as well.