Zerozerozero: Is the Public Demand Brining Back the Hit Drama for a New Season? Fans Might Like the New Update

ZeroZeroZero: Concluded or to be continued?

ZeroZeroZero‘ is an Italian crime drama TV series created by Stefano Sollima, Leonardo Fasoli, and Mauricio Katz for Amazon Prime Video and Sky Atlantic+. It is primarily influenced by Roberto Saviano’s book of the same name, which is an examination into the illegal drug trade and its activities across continents.

The basis for this book was the drug business and how it was distributed from continent to continent. It conducted a thorough examination of the worldwide pharmaceutical sector. Andrea Riseborough and Gabriel Byrne also star.


This series was directed by Stefano Sollima, Janus Metz, and Pablo Trapero. The first season was shown on Sky Atlantic, Canal+, and. It was officially released in Italy on February 14, 2020, with all episodes, two days after the first two episodes were screened at the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

It received critical acclaim for its multi-layered story, kaleidoscopic look at corruption and the drug trade, high-octane action sequences, and engaging performances from a diverse cast.

We’ve compiled all of the latest rumours and nuggets about the release date and other details about Season 2 for you here.

When will Season 2 air?

ZeroZeroZero launched on Now TV on February 4th, with all of its episodes available at the same time. The eight-part series is currently airing every week, but some viewers are already hooked and want to know how many more episodes there will be.

Fans will be unhappy to learn that the show will only be available as a limited solo series. When asked if there will be a sequel, director and showrunner Stefano Sollima replies no. It is the name of the mini-series. It runs for eight episodes and concludes the season.”


Season 1 was a huge success, and it’s safe to assume that the creators will keep going. The filmmaker claimed in a statement that this was a brief series with no further seasons planned. It is a multi-country, multi-language production.

Season 2 has not been formally ordered, and given that it was first touted as a miniseries, it may not be. The series premiered in Italy in February 2020, and HBO Europe has subsequently distributed it in a number of countries. If the creators decide to continue the plot, it appears that there is a great desire for a second season based on fan comments to the first season.

“We envisioned the series’ storyline as a travel of this cargo from its point of departure in Mexico,” Sollima remarked of the plot of ZeroZeroZero season 2. “It travelled through Senegal and Morocco to arrive at Calabria,” he claimed. “The plot revolves around the drug trade and the money made from it. Also, what criminal organisations do to gain control of it. Along with how this impacts all aspects of real life where it intersects – some of which are politically radical and paradoxical.”



The first season concludes with a Greek tragedy. In conclusion, Emma is honourable by meeting Don Minu and making him an irresistible proposition. Don Minu retakes control of the Lynwood family, now governed entirely by Emma, after killing his grandson Stefano. Emma realises Manuel is her new contact in Mexico after removing Jacinto Leyra from the equation. Emma smiles warily as she exits a Monterrey facility after signing a new distribution arrangement.


A Russian subplot could be featured in ZeroZeroZero season 2 due to Emma’s relationship with Manuel. She’ll have to go back to work and figure out who she’s dealing with in Monterrey if she wants to get 2,000 kg of cocaine in three weeks.

Season 2 of ZeroZeroZero is anticipated to expose Emma to a new confidante. (maybe both) Also, to differentiate itself from Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico, the second series would most likely focus on Russia. Expect a Michael Corleone-like shift in ZeroZeroZero season 2 as Emma gains authority and recognises the greatest threats.


Cast for ZeroZeroZero Season 2


If the show is renewed for a second season, the cast will almost certainly be the same as in season one. Gabriel portrays Edward Lynwood, Andrea Riseborough portrays Emma Lynwood, Dane DeHaan portrays Chris Lynwood, Harold Torres portrays Manuel Contreras, Giuseppe De Domenico portrays Stefano La Piana, Adriano Chiaramida portrays Don Minu, Noé Hernández portrays Varas, and Tchéky Karyo portrays François Salvage.

Season 2 Trailer for ZeroZeroZero

The film has yet to receive an official trailer from Amazon Prime. We should expect the teaser around October 2022 if the producers decide to release a statement regarding the season 2 premiere before then. There is yet to be any official announcement about this.