Zendaya Slams Her Critics And Believes She Can Definitely Do It All !

We all love Zendaya! From singing to acting to making all of us laugh with her antics, she can do it all! The Disney star is rocking Hollywood with back to back hits and it seems like she does not hold back when it comes to critics as well! Recently, she opened up about certain ideas and slammed the critics.

Zendaya Claps Back At Critics!

Apparently, in a recent interview with Allure’s December 2019/January 2020 issue, the Small Foot Voice star recently opened up about how she balances her busy work schedule along with how she manages herself in front of the public eye! According to the publication the phrase ’You can’t do it all’ is a bit unfavorable for the actress.

Moreover, the twenty-three years old actress says that she does not like the idea that one has to box themselves or stay in one lane. She believes that if you are gifted with talents then it is good to make most out of it. We too agree with the star. The actress further talks about being a part of a change. She believes that creative people, of all races if they have the opportunity or platform should make room for other people.

Zendaya: This Young Star Can Definitely Do It All!

Recently Zendaya apart from using her skills in dancing and acting has also used her fashion expertise and collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger and Daya by Zendaya. Her acting skills in HBO teen drama Euphoria is grabbing immense attention for all the right reasons.

Furthermore, Zendaya has also been a part of some big banner films like The Spiderman franchise and earned quite the recognition. It seems like the young star has a long way to go and she definitely do it all as she believes in hard work and determination.