Zendaya on vacation in Greece with Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi!

The Spider-Man Homecoming star Zendaya was recently on vacation to Greece. Itʼs not so surprising considering the workload, she has nowadays. Zendaya is very busy with her new series, Euphoria also, she is the new face of Lancome. At the launch party for the new fragrance, Zendaya talked about her vacation.Zendaya on vacation in Greece with Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi! 3

Zendayaʼs Vacation:

Zendaya revealed at the launch party that she was exhausted and wanted a break. So she went on a sweet trip with her family to chill. However, there was one more member on the trip Jacob Elordi. Elordi is Zendayaʼs co-star in Euphoria. Zendaya didnʼt mention anything about Elordi, but they were seen together at Acropolis of Athens. Zendaya even posted a picture on Instagram of Elordi cuddling her dog. Even Zendayaʼs stylist and friend Law Roach and Darnell Appling were also on the trip.

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Damn bae never lets me get a pic alone

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Zendaya at the Launch party:

At the launch party, Zendaya said, she remained “out of the loop” during her birthday vacation. According to her, she felt detached from the world. She also revealed that seeing her face at the airport on Lancome campaign was a surprise for her. As she felt alone.

Zendayaʼs relationship:

After the Spider-Man Homecoming, everyone speculated about Zendaya and Tom Hollandʼs relationship. However, Holland was spotted getting cozy with her family friend Olivia Bolton. So the rumors were eventually not that correct. Although, Zendaya is also enjoying her time with Elordi and, it feels like the new couple is in the making. Even Zendayaʼs statement that she was on holiday with family might have also included Elordi.