Zack Snyder gifted his fans an unforgettable Christmas Eve. But what is it?

It has been more than two years since the release of DCEU’s “Justice League”. The movie was a hit on the silver screen and most of the audience feels it happened because of the reshot of the movie. Jack Snyder, who was directing the movie had to skip the project in between because of the death of his daughter.

After his departure, Warner Bros. handed over the project to Joss Whedon who has made two Marvel blockbusters beforehand. Fans were not satisfied with the rebooted version of the Justice League and demanded the so-called “Snyder Cut”.

A campaign #ReleaseTheSnydercut was started on Social media for this. The campaign was supported by Justice League stars Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa and even Zack Snyder himself.

As a Christmas surprise for his fans, Snyder shared images of his version of Justice League. He chooses social media platform Vero to share the pictures. Earlier Zack retweeted the posts of Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ben Affleck (Batman) demanding the release of Snyder Cut. Now, Snyder has disclosed many more images of the “Snyder version of Justice League”.

Christmas Surprise

A twitter account @RTSnyderCut shared Snyder’s images from Vero on twitter. An image of Steppenwolf was released with the caption, “What is the secret of the grail?”.

Another image of Ben Affleck’s Batman was shared. It has a caption, “Who does he serve?”.

Other two images were released on Christmas night. First one was of Cyborg captioned, “Yes, my Lord” and other one was of Cyborg and Barry Allen aka Flash at the graveyard. They were digging Superman’s grave and Diana and Arthur were also present in the image in the background.

Then there was an image of Superman and Lois Lane. It was captioned, “You are my Lord and King. You are Arthur.”

So, all it meant was Superman was the king and Batman was finding Grail to save him. Another shot of Bruce Wayne was shared. It was captioned, “Have you find the secret that I have lost?”

And at last, was the amazing image of Superman in Black Suit. It was captioned, “YES. YOU AND THE LAND ARE ONE.”

All these images together formed a story. Some fans said Snyder put the Jesus rebirth in front of all by the reference of Superman. Overall this was a Super Christmas for the Justice League fans that they may never forget.