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Zack Snyder confirms that Justice League is done with 75% of the VFX work

The director had a Q&A session on Vero where he shared the updates

Zack Snyder is still working on his highly anticipated version of  Justice League, and he has provided a new update for the fans who are patiently waiting to see a proper, non disastrous product. During a recent Q&A on Vero, Snyder was asked about the progress of visual effects for the movie, and he replied that 75% of it has been completed.

Justice League is in a very unique position currently and as a result, will be having a different kind of post-production that we see in typical Hollywood blockbusters that announce the release date even before filming starts. Since the VFX is almost done, we can start expecting the movie sometime in early 2021.

Almost delayed due to the pandemic

Warner Bros

Snyder’s movie will be having four episodes so it’s going to be a lot longer than the 2 hour circus we got in 2017.

During a previous interview, Snyder and his wife/ producing partner Deborah revealed that even though everyone was excited for getting the Snyder Cut, they almost had to postpone the production after the sudden rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. But they decided to carry through with it as the visual effects houses that they work with had been running out of projects so this should be the time to go ahead.

The cast even did some additional photography, with Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller and Jared Leto, but Snyder said that this won’t increase the run time by a lot. Overall, the movie is going to be four hours and this will just amount to four or five minutes. Aside from being released on HBO Max, Snyder is also attempting to give it a theatrical release.



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