Zac Efron is back fit and healthy! The actor talks about the deadly illness he contracted in Papua New Guinea!

Zac Efron opened up about his life-threatening illness in Papua New Guinea. Read on to know more about the deadly disease.

After celebrating a lovely Christmas eve, Zac Efron rushed to the hospital in an emergency. He was filming in Papua New Guinea and suddenly emerged on a ‘life-or-death’ journey because of his deadly illness.

A few days ago, when everyone was planning to celebrate Christmas eve, the 32-year-old star Zac Efran, was filming overseas and got ill with a form of typhoid. The reason behind his illness is not precisely typhoid; it is a kind of similar bacterial infection.

The Sunday Telegraph claimed that Zac was assisted by medial professionals and took a deadly flight to Brisbane, Australia, from Papua New Guinea.

Zac Efron talks about his deadly illness

Zac shared a picture to make his fans believe that “He is back.”

Last night, the musical star Zac wrote, “I am very very thankful to everyone who has reached out.” Along with a caption, the star added a photograph of a happy shot from the PNG surrounded by waving locals.

He also added that “I got ill in Papua New Guinea, but I fought and bounced back to all the bacteria’s in my body.

Zac also informed his fans that he’s on new year’s holiday with his family and friends. “I am blessed to have fans like you, thanking you for all your love and concern, see you in 2020,” the actor added.

Fans are relaxed now to have their musical star is back and active on social media.