YouTube star Shane Dawson’s career might be in trouble after Willow Smith controversial video: will be lose a million subscribers??

Throughout the most recent couple of years, Dawson earned his crown as the “King of YouTube,” with documentary series-length videos that seemingly changed how the whole content was supposed to be made. Dawson’s success has developed and developed with his mega-popular conspiracy theory videos and his access to disputable stars like Jeffree Star and Jake Paul, and tricky ones like Eugenia Cooney.

Be that as it may, while he’s buckled down on this very likable picture, a lot of individuals always remembered Dawson’s past. Compilation videos of blackface, pedophilia jokes, and other hazardous conduct would irregularly return and take steps to bring down this deliberately made character.


Alongside this video, another video began circling the web. It was a video of Shane from his Youtube channel. The video shows him sexualizing Willow Smith. He acts like he is masturbating before a Willow Smith banner where she is only eleven years of age. The video arrived at both Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett who communicated their anger through Twitter.

Not long ago, Shane Dawson was trending for his most recent video. The video is named ‘Taking Accountability’, and Shane discusses the missteps he has submitted while making content for YouTube. He conceded that he wasn’t right in making jokes on prejudice and pedophilia.

Only a half year back, the dispatch of Dawson and Star’s Conspiracy palette slammed the Morphe and Beauty Bay stages in light of the fact that such a large number of individuals were attempting to get it on the double. The YouTube hotshots were doing meet-and-welcomes with a huge number of shouting fans at Morphe stores, and the entire endeavor was supposedly going to acquire Dawson $10 million.

Looking back, it’s a long way based on what’s going on now, with organizations and individual influencers separating themselves from Dawson as he turns into the primary focal point of about each show video on YouTube.


Some way or another, Shane’s apology didn’t evoke an emotional response from the viewers. His apology didn’t look persuasive and has prompted a negative effect on his channel. The Willow Smith video exacerbated the situation for him and in one way or another cut the impact of his apology. Numerous viewers who had bought into Shane have now withdrawn him. Since the time the ascent of Black Lives Matter, individuals are responding to racism all the more straightforwardly. Shane has almost lost 700,000 subscribers in only a couple of days and is on target to lose a million subscribers.