Young & Restless’ Victoria’s plot to oust brother Nick causes a stir in Newman Enterprises.

The Young and the Restless’ Victoria Plots to Oust Brother Nick

The Young and the Restless’ Victoria had always dreamt of being the CEO of Newman Enterprises, but having it being taken away so many times, she had a few reservations about finally taking up the role. After successfully taking over the seat from her father, things have been going pretty well until trouble started creeping in. Although Victor seemed to have thrown his unwavering support behind Victoria and her budding relationship with Nate, it seems that situation might be temporary given the brewing trouble with Nate. Victor might soon become suspicious of Nate, and Nikki will follow suit, even as Nate gets closer to Victoria.

The Plot Thickens

Young & Restless’ Victoria's plot to oust brother Nick causes a stir in Newman Enterprises. 9

The suspicion Victor and Nikki had about Nate is likely connected to Audra as they have partnered together for a scheme. Nate’s ambition to land a reputable position in Newman Enterprises has led him to Victoria’s bed, but his sudden alliance with Audra raises concerns. The situation is not helped by the fact that Audra seems to have her sights on Victoria’s job, while Nate has his eyes on Nick’s job. All of these plots bring us to the question of whether Victoria will choose Nate over her brother Nick and show her father’s “family first” policy out the window.

The Burning Question

The question on everyone’s mind now is whether Victoria will consider elevating Nate if Nicholas walks away from Newman. And at that moment, Nate and Audra could already be across town raising a glass to the notion of Nick’s ouster and their ascension. Victoria’s relationship with Nate has become more than a casual office tryst, but it seems she is caught up in the web of deception being spun by Nate and Audra.

Could Victoria Oust Brother Nick?

Victoria might be caught up in the drama and power-play that surrounds Newman Enterprises and choosing to oust Nick to make room for Nate might ultimately be a bad move. Nate’s ambitious nature is not a secret, and this could lead to more trouble than good in the long run. Even if Victoria claims that her move was for Nick’s own good, it’s clear that she would be putting her desire over family ties. To top it off, Nate might not easily hand that position back to Nick, meaning that things could get nasty at work.

Victoria’s History of Bad Relationships:

Young & Restless’ Victoria's plot to oust brother Nick causes a stir in Newman Enterprises. 10

It goes without saying that Victoria hasn’t exactly been lucky in love, and this is evident from the gallery below chronicling her past romantic exploits. Remember back in the day when she was labeled as being frigid by then-rival Nina? Her romance with Ashland also did not go so well, so the question stands, will Victoria make the right decision in matters of the heart?


Young & Restless’ Victoria's plot to oust brother Nick causes a stir in Newman Enterprises. 11

Victoria plots to oust her brother Nick, but her enviable position as CEO in Newman Enterprises could be at stake. It’s anybody’s guess whether she will choose love over family ties and what the repercussions will be in the long run.


Young & Restless’ Victoria's plot to oust brother Nick causes a stir in Newman Enterprises. 12

1. Will Victoria end her relationship with Nate?

It’s unclear whether Victoria will end her relationship with Nate, given her history with relationships. However, given the brewing trouble with Nate, this relationship might not end well.

2. How will Victoria’s decision impact her father’s legacy?

Victoria’s decision to oust Nick might have far-reaching consequences on her father’s legacy, especially since he is known for his “family first” policy.

3. Does Nick have any idea of Victoria’s plans?

It’s not clear whether Nick has any idea of Victoria’s plans, but he has been suspicious of Nate’s intentions for a while now.

4. Will Victoria regret her move?

VICTORIA might regret her move if she ends up losing everything that she has worked for so far. She might need a reminder of just how bad things turned out the last time she mixed business and pleasure.

5. How will this end?

The Young and the Restless is known for its twists and turns, and this plot to oust Nick will definitely have viewers at the edge of their seats. No one knows for sure how it will end, but it’s certain that Victoria’s decision has far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.