Young Maylay denies all rumors regarding Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto!!

Young Maylay denies all rumors regarding Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto. Maylay is really pissed of about things and everything. Things have not gone into a good way for the star. He has been very disappointed and pissed about things going around him, especially the games. Both The Rokckstar games and Grand Theft Auto games has more to what others view it as it to be. But Young Maylay denies and says that he is not at all involved in anything related to it. Maylay is extremely pissed off at Rockstar games and he is so not afraid to voice it out to the public. The actor does not even like to talk about it.

Young Maylay is a rapper and is the one behind Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas. He is the one who gave the voice to it. Maylay is a pretty famous person and he is not really scared to voice out his opinions. Even though he is a famous person and a famous person like him giving complaint, he does not have any problem with it and what others think about it as well.

Well in that case it is also true and it is the star’s choice on what he wants to say and raise out. The title of him being a famous person does not stop him from doing it. For a person like him, young Maylay has shown confidence in it. There are lot if people who are scared to voice out their opinions. But Maylay is total opposite to it and has shown a great moral by being like this.

He truly dislikes the game and has clearly shown his dislike towards it. Maylay is also pissed off towards the Rockstar games for it. Anyhow just because he raised opinions does notake him a bad person. In fact he is a good person.