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You HAVE to see Julianne Hough’s Wild Scream in the Healing Video. It Will Leave You Petrified for sure!

A viral video of Julianne Hough has sent a wave of shock, confusion, and alarm across the internet. The 31-year-old ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ alum is witnessed moving like a wave in some bizarre poses as a part of some energy treatment.

Julianne Hough travelled to Davos, Switzerland earlier this week to join the World Economic Forum with Dr. John Amaral and experience his therapy treatment for energy release.

And through the video shared by ‘The B- Bible’ podcast host Jackie Schimmel on Instagram, we got a good look at the therapy which had Julianne sprawling down on a massage table with face down as Dr. Amaral does his therapy on her. The chiropractor begins his therapy with a gentle press on Hough’s nape as he makes his way down to her waist. She responds by twitching her body in wave-like strange moments, something never witnessed before from her. She writhes and moans during this strange therapy leaving people confused even more about this whole treatment.

But what really threw everyone off-guard was her wild scream during the somatic energy healing as the process was continuing. Apparently, the health guru Dr. Amaral was working on her “energy field,” as he explained on The Goop Lab.

Explaining the procedure in the video, the chiropractor told that Hough is releasing her stored-up energy. He said “There’s always a huge dissipation of energy and the feeling of relief, release, freedom,” before Hough let out that strong scream which shocked everyone. Talking about her scream, he said that most people especially in Davos, in that kind of environment, wouldn’t make that sound but that would increase their discomfort as they would be packed with tension and physical pain in their bodies.

Talking about the demonstration and her experience, the dancing pro said that she feels so much more liberated on the inside that she can speak her truth clearly. Explaining the effects, she said that she can now stand in her power and not feel overtaken by emotion. “My mind and I feel free inside myself to just be.”

Hough met Dr. Amaral through Tony Robbins and soon started working together as both enthusiastic about fitness share the same goal of proper and complete fitness.

Interestingly, Dr. Amaral has featured in the trailer for Gwyneth Paltrow’s series for Netflix series, The Goop Labwhich premieres on Jan. 24. In a preview, Paltrow was heard saying that she had cried while undergoing the treatment for the first time.

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