Yet Another Feud Raised in Glamour World as 6ix9ine’s Baby Momma trashes Future and Lori Harvey on Social Media

Credit: Instagram/@6ix9ine

Yet another ongoing feud that show no signs of stopping

Sara Molina, 6ix9ine’s baby momma had been doing her best to keep Future from not saying anything further after he called her a ‘Prop’. This came after the rapper tweeted that some women “belong to the streets”, even though he didn’t call them out by name.

His fans thought that he had split with his girlfriend Lori Harvey, and were tweeting these cryptic messages about her. But later we got to realise he was actually talking about 6ix9ine’s ex and baby momma Sara Molina, and her connection to Lil Tjay’s music video.

His Tweets

Source: Instagram/@future

In the past, Future had talked about how up and coming rappers use other men’s baby mommas as props. This came after Rich the Kid shared a video on Instagram where he was escorting Molina out of a blue Lambo, which led to people believing that the two were dating.

Rich quickly cleared the air and said that the two weren’t dating but was only shooting for a Lil Tjay video. Rich also showed his support to Future by retweeting the posts mentioned above. 6ix9ine then commented on the video saying, “Can he pay my child support please I’ll appreciate it.” The video had since been deleted.

Coming back to Molina, she responded to the ‘Prop’ remark by saying that he belonged to the streets more than she did because he had 9 baby mommas. Even though she stated 9, only 6 had been confirmed and that’s still a pretty high number. They are Ciara, Jessica Smith, India J, Brittni Mealy, Joie Chavis, and last but not least, Eliza Reign.

They continued back and forth and even Lori Harvey’s name was dragged through the mud.