WWE vice president Triple H apologizes for ‘horrendous’ sex joke about wrestling star Paige

WWE VP Triple H has apologized for a “horrendous joke” around one of his top female stars, in which he addressed whether previous wrestler Paige knew what number of kids she had.

The 27-year-old – Saraya-Jade Bevis better known by her ring name Paige- who retired from WWE  in-ring action because of injury back in 2018, however, is as yet a noticeable character on WWE shows, was the subject of extreme online consideration and maltreatment after private recordings and photos of her were leaked in 2017.

The previous wrestler Triple H, who has been the WWE’s official VP of talent, live occasions and innovative since 2013, offered the remarks recently while talking about the fates of Edge and Paige — two superstars whose careers were crashed by neck injuries. To this, the VP answered: “I’m a fan just like everyone else. I would love to see (Edge or Paige) step into the ring and compete.”

“More importantly than that, though, I would like to see them live long, healthy lives. You know, Edge has kids. Paige, maybe, she probably has some she doesn’t know of.”

The remarks were especially cruel given such Paige’s reality was shaken by a sex tape outrage.


Triple H tweeted a statement of regret to Paige on Wednesday and said he had been in contact with the previous star since his remarks were shared on the web.


Paige had additionally tweeted about the episode


“Obviously, I was a little bit perplexed and a little taken back because he’s someone that I truly look up to. He’s always been very respectful,” she revealed to the reporters.