WWE Star Lars Sullivan’s fans allege him being an adult film star with proof. Read on to know the complete details.

WWE star Lars Sullivan’s fans have alleged his background as an adult film star.

WWE star Lars Sullivan allegedly has a history with adult films

A star, Lars Sullivan, who is out of action films from the past few months because of his knee injury. On Saturday, he came back on headlines as many of his fans alleged him as an adult film star over Social media.

The reason why Sullivan fans are suggesting him to be backed in adult films is the videos and photos of the adult films. Lars was named Mitch Bennett, and the movie was released before joined WWE. The movie was based on a homosexual adult film that features a young Lars Sullivan.

How Lars Sullivan started his journey in WWE?

In the year of 2013, Lars joined WWE and spent five years at the Performance Center and NXT, and got his main roster debut began at the end of 2018. He supposed to have his big push in January 2019, but his sudden anxiety attack stopped him from making his next debut.

But then finally he made his first debut after anxiety attack in April this year and got injured severely on Kurt Angle in an episode of RAW. But still, he went on attacking many superstars in the following weeks. But it was Sullivan’s back luck as he got injured on his Knee during the show and reached out for the next nine months. Lars Sullivan is been noticed on training in these recent weeks