Wow!!!! Adele shows off her shocking but sweet Weight Loss at Drake’s birthday party

Adele has recently attended Drake’s birthday party in the City of Los Angeles on Thursday 24th and has shown off her slimmer body figure.

As she partied the night away in Hollywood, Adele put on an off-shoulder black dress and met with other celebrities at the party.

Adele has been linked to rapper Skepta for a very long and with her ending her marriage, the rumors are now uncontrollable. Adele has shared a picture from the night and captioned the picture that she sometimes used to cry but now she is sweating. She ended her caption with wishing Drake a very happy birthday and that he was the kindest and funniest person she has met.


Drake commented “Eternally” to Adele’s post. Drake has posted a series of pictures on his Instagram and Adele can be seen enjoying the party as much as Drake. The Canadian rapper thanked everyone who has attended his party and made his birthday special.

Reportedly, Adele’s weight loss is all due to pilates. Adele has revealed that she has taken up to pilates after she was inspired by her friend Robbie Williams’ wife, Ayda Field. Accordingly, she put off a lot of weight as a result.

During an interview with Vogue in the year 2016, the “Hello” singer has revealed that she was trying to lose weight to fit herself for her tour. Adele shared that she was trying to get some stamina for her tour and as a result, she lost some weight. Adele added that she now fits into normal and off-the-shelf clothes, which she considers as a big problem.