World’s first Vagina Museum opens in London; Receives lots of positive feedback from visitors!


A vagina museum has been opened in London this weekend.

The museum aims to impart the basic knowledge and unknown facts with debunking myths related to female sexuality and genitals to the people.

The outside view of the London vagina museum

The museum opened this 16, November 2019 after crowdfunding a raise up to £65, 000 from people across the world. Over 1000s of people help in raising funds for the museum inauguration.


The museum looks like a regular brick mortar shop from outside with a black gate outside. The only thing that defines the location as a museum is a name board hanging outside the museum.

The inside has been divided into two, one as a shop and the second half for the exhibition. The shop aims to attract people to buy goodies which would help them know more about this content.

The goodies are imprinted with female genitals on it. You can get a guitar plectrum with cute vagina printed on it, also you can get cute jewelry of the vagina theme.


The plan (project) for the museum was launched back in 2017, which finally came into physical existence after the donations from the supporters across the globe.

The museum aims to provide the space or platform for discussion for this topic which people usually hesitated to talk on.

In a survey, it was found that most women and men (half of the crowd of Britain)couldn’t label the parts of female genitals properly, which made it necessary to create a platform to share the information about female reproductive organs.


In its initial days, the museum exhibited a temporary exhibition named “Muft Busters: Vagina Myths and How to fight them”.

The museum holds certain pop-up quizzes, talks, and performances regarding genital and sex education.

the huge tampon behind covered with red glitter depicting blood.

As you walk in you there is a huge tampon covered with red glitter depicting blood over it, which is eye-catching to visitors who were taking selfies around it.

The museum premises recently got licensed to serve alcohol to visitors. Which will give a boost in the number of visitors who are young and bachelorette.