Wonder Woman Embodies a Righteous and Just Image in DC World, but Here are Top 10 Not So Proud Moments of Wonder Woman

Here are some moments in movie and comic history where we felt ashamed to be a Wonder Woman fan

We know how Superman is known as DC’s boy scout, who always does what’s right and always symbolizes hope and justice. Wonder Woman embodies a similar image, but there are still some actions she has committed which are evil and shameless, to put it mildly.

But let it be known that some of these are alternate earth versions, and some are misguided, but still it’s something that disgusts us as readers. Read on to find out.

10. Pointing Fingers: In the Justice League Animated Series, Wonder Woman was squabbling with her teammates which made them lose to the Legion of Doom. She was responsible for both Hawkgirl and Superman getting taken down, but didn’t take responsibility. This ended in the league getting temporarily disbanded.

9. Fighting for Batman’s Love: Wonder Woman once once viciously fought Batgirl so that she could have Batman all for herself. This is shameful as the Amazon’s always had a great pride in feminism.

8. A Destructive Hook-up: Wonder Woman once hooked up with Superman and since they are two supers, this ended up causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and cyclones, killing thousands of people in the process. And Wonder Woman showed no guilt or remorse for this.

7. Unforgiving to Hawkgirl: It was due to Hawkgirl that the Thanagarian Invasion took place in Justice League Unlimited, but unlike the others, Wonder Woman didn’t forgive her and hurled insults whenever the two crossed paths.

6. Affair with Aquaman: In the Flashpoint Paradox, Wonder Woman was pretty much a villain who took over the UK. While that was evil, she committed to the shameful act of having an affair with Aquaman, and when Mera found out about this, Wonder Woman beheaded her.

Source: DC Comics


5. Almost Killed Toyman in Public: The JL has a no killing rule, but when Toyman almost killed Superman, Wonder Woman was about to risk it all and kill him, but thanks to the Flash, that didn’t happen. If it did, the public would’ve considered the League to be cold-blooded killers.

4. Using the Lasso of Truth to Kill: In the Injustice storyline, she killed Huntress for siding with Batman by throwing the lass around her neck and snapping it.

3. A Totalitarian Leader: In Unlimited, the League became Justice Lords in an alternate universe. But unlike the rest, Wonder Woman became a tyrant and made mankind her slaves and showed a sense of satisfaction when she almost killed Batman and Wonder Woman from the main universe.

2. Abandoning Mankind: In the cinematic universe, after she lost Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman exiled herself and stayed away from every fight. Many crimes and destruction, including World War II could’ve been stopped if she intervened.

1. Killing Children: Once again, in Flashpoint, she was fighting against Captain Thunder (Shazam), who was a combination of Billy Batson and other kids. After separating them, she killed Billy, which meant she killed the other children too. This is shameless as an Amazon should never disrespect their opponents after defeating them.