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With New Spoilers Coming, ‘Westworld Season 4’ is Asserted Beyond Imagination

What’s HBO have stored for the Westworld season 4?

Ever since season four of Westworld got confirmed, fans have been eagerly looking forward to it. Westworld became an immensely popular HBO series ever since it premiered on October 2, 2016. The show has had three incredible seasons and has won a whopping 9 Primetime Emmy Awards.

The story is based on an amusement park that has human-like robots called “hosts”. The visitors can interact with these hosts and can live out their wildest fantasies. However, things get complicated as these hosts develop consciousness about reality.

When can we expect season 4?

West World Season 4 | HBO
Jeffrey Wright | Instagram

There isn’t a release date officially announced for season 4. However, the filming is going on. Well, the covid19 pandemic has impacted the film industry the most. Though the confirmation of season 4 was disclosed on April 22, 2020, the series is likely to be aired in 2022.

What mysteries will be solved in season 4?

Westworld season 3 has definitely left a lot of questions to be answered in season 4. The show definitely had a good number of twists and turns in its previous three seasons. With season 3 having set in the far future, we now have two different timelines in the series.

Season 3 ended on a note of the destruction of a powerful AI, known as Rehoboam. At the same time, it also gave birth to some new mysteries. A question that left everyone to ponder over is whether Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is going to return? Well, it’s a common thing in Westworld for characters to return as hosts.


Westworld Season 4 | HBO

Another interesting thing we might expect in season 4 is a looming war between humans and hosts. With Halores (Host of Charlotte with Dolores conscious) building an army of hosts along with an android man in black (Ed Harris) to erase the humans, a war might be imminent.

Whom do we get to see in season 4?

Not a lot has got officially confirmed about the cast yet. But, we can expect Thandie Newton (Maeve Millay), Tessa Thompson (Charlotte Hale), Ed Harris (William/The Man in Black), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe/Arnold), Aaron Paul (Caleb Nichols) to reprise their roles.


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