With Fans Going Into A Frenzy, Sean Penn Shares His Own Thoughts About His Recent Disheveled Look On Morning Joe!


It seems like the iconic actor Sean Penn’s recent virtual appearance is leaving everyone in spikes as the actor himself pokes fun at how he looks!

Sean Penn Shares His Thoughts About His Disheveled Look On Morning Joe!

The actor recently appeared on the Morning Joe show, fans, however, soon noticed the disheveled look with his hair all messed up, and now the I Am Sam star is sharing his thoughts about this look.

The sixty-year-old actor poked fun at his hairstyle and took to Twitter to pen down a hilarious note says that if all the fans think his hair goes wild on ‘Morning Joe’ when hacked by Russians then one should see how much wilder it goes when peeps donate to @COREResponse! Here’s the Twitter post where the actor is seem to be poking fun at his casual look on the show!


Fans Shared Some Interesting Thoughts About The Actor’s Look!

The actor appeared on The Morning Joe show for a noble cause as he goes on to promote the nonprofit core that helps provide free COVID-19 tests across the country. Sean Penn’s overtly casual look made people on social media go into a frenzy while many went on to say how they felt about this disheveled look and some comments are hilarious!


One fan wrote that it seems like someone needs to gift Sean Penn a hairbrush while another person wrote that the actor’s hair looks like he combed his hair with a firecracker! One found the look while relatable and went on to say it is the most accurate representation of 2020 he has ever seen.While some said that they might just spot a bird on the actor’s head!