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Witcher series on Netflix has acquired a huge fan base and here is a look into what the characters look like!

Netflix’s The Witcher is just the most recent variation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s acclaimed dream book arrangement, which has recently been transformed into a progression of comic books and a set of three computer games. Featuring Henry Cavill in the lead spot as mutant monster-slayer Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher includes a lot of key characters from the books – yet how do their on-screen appearances contrast with Sapkowski’s unique portrayals?


Known for his action roles in movies like Man of Steel and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Henry Cavill is considerably more buff than the descriptions of Geralt in the Witcher books. The novels comparatively describe Geralt as being slim, sinewy, and covered in battle scars.

Some readers have interpreted Geralt’s intimidating presence to mean that he is ugly, but he certainly doesn’t seem to have any trouble attracting the ladies. In the Witcher games, he also has a distinctive scar over his left eye, but this is not part of the book canon.


Yennefer of Vengerberg may be the great love of Geralt’s life, but he isn’t exactly generous with his thoughts on her appearance when they first meet.

He goes on to describe her facial features as not quite living up to standards of traditional prettiness: “her nose slightly too long, her lips a touch too narrow, her chin receding a little too much, her brows a little too irregular.”


When Geralt first meets 10-year-old Ciri in Sword of Destiny, she is described as having “fair, mousy hair and huge, glaringly green eyes.” Further references are made to her “mousy” and “ashen-grey” hair, and her emerald-green eyes

In the games, which are set around five years after the final Witcher book, Ciri has white hair and a scar on her cheek. The white hair is a detail drawn from the final Witcher book, in which Geralt notices that Ciri is developing white streaks in her hair due to all the stress and hardship she has been through.


One of the biggest departures in Jaskier’s appearance is that in the Witcher books he has blond hair, whereas actor Joey Batey has brown hair.

In Netflix’s The Witcher, Jaskier still wears colorful clothes with stylish details like puffed sleeves and lace trim, but the colors are somewhat muted and he lacks his iconic troubadour hat.

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