“Winter is coming!” and Carrie Underwood’s Attractive Winter Workout Wear is what driving Colorado crazy!!

Carrie Marie Underwood, the famous American singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer, launched a brand name, CALIA, to live a healthy lifestyle with her own active lifestyle in kind in the year 2015.

Why Carrie Underwood went to Colorado?

Carrie Underwood released a line of activewear known as CALIA back in 2015. She took a break from Nashville to go to Colorado to promote the CALIA brand. To promote the athleisure brand, the company held an event at Aspen, Colorado, on 5th December. She even shared a group of photos on her Instagram account, stating that Aspen was the perfect place to host the CALIA by Carrie event. In 2017 she also expanded the line to include bathing suits.
Many fans had even commented on her photos stating that the shirt she was wearing in the photo is pretty. Another one wrote that the workout clothes are the prettiest and comfy, and even the place is beautiful and stunning. Many even love her for having her hands in so many things.

Workout Wear of Carrie Underwood

During the promotion of her brand at Colorado, the actress, Carrie Underwood, posted a number of photos on her Instagram account featuring her workout wears. Even amidst the winter and snowy weather, the actress did not fail to get the attention of a number of fans and the public. She featured seasonally colored workout from her workout line along with the winter landscape.
She depicted her workout line by wearing a pair of white skintight leggings, white leggings with gray marble print, and also white long-sleeved top perfectly showcasing her lean and toned legs and her fit figure. A cloud funnel neck pullover was also shown in one of the Instagram pictures. The star was also seen enjoying the trip with her husband and their close friend.