Willow Smith Talks About Her Insecurities Stemming From The Look Of Her Hair! Check this out to know about the struggles she faced.

While.celebrity kids have all the access to the lavish and extravaganza in the world, they also have their own set of insecurities as well. Recently, one such star kid has come forward and opened up about her own set of insecurity.


Willow Smith Gets Candid About Her Insecurities And Much More!

Apparently, Willow Smith who has a rather unconventional sense of style which fans love and admire has been candid about the fact that how she used to feel shy in her own natural hair. The star talked about colorism and the effects it can have on the young minds unknowingly.


In the Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk the topic of hair came up while Willow was discussing it with her mother along with her grandma and her other friends as well. She confessed that there was a time when she thought that she might look much prettier if she had long hair or her own hair did not look so kinky! Take a look at Willow Smith’s new look that she had shared on her Instagram account. We sure are liking her new look for sure!


She Opened Up About Her Complex She Had Due To Her Hair!

Willow Smith’s boyfriend who is also her music partner recently shaved Willow’s head. Willow said that by doing so she felt like she was shedding loads of historical and emotional baggage which might have been unconsciously imposed on the generations over time. The whole conversation was coming in context with physical insecurities that we face from time to time.


Willow Smith has recently been sharing beautiful videos of singing and doing some hardcore physical activities and fans are appreciating her bold look after going bald this Quarantine!