Will Zendaya be Back as Rue in Euphoria Season 2? Here’s Everything We Know so Far.

HBO’s Euphoria, produced by Sam Levinson, became a massive victory for Sam Levinson, it was applauded with a youthful cast as drug addicts headed by Zedea Rick Bennett and Raw represent the wicked game of youth. Sex, dependence, and trauma.

Rue, Jules and their friends indeed do a lot of things in a brief period of time, but there’s a lot more waiting to be served.

Release Date

Season 1 was released in summer of 2019, but it looks as though a second release is on the way and may arrive in 2020. As of now we do not have anything confirmed because, at the start of 2020, they have not yet began filming when the program will return in a question in the air. In a recent interview with XtraTV, Zendaya said that they haven’t begun shooting where the series is moving when they understand.

Source: HBO


The show has one of the biggest cast in the history of HBO’s TV. We can expect that the following main characters will go back: Jules Vaughn as Hunter Shaffer, Nate Jacobs as Jacob Alordi, Leon Howard as Maud Apto , Fezko as Angus Cloud, Kat Hernández as Barbie Ferreira, Cassie Howard as Sydney Sweeney, Maddy Perez as Alexa Demi, Chris McKay as Alge Smith, Jia Beckett as Storm Reid, Ethan Uis as Austin Abrams, and Kyle Jacobs as Eric Dane.

Expectations from Season 2

Both Kat and Ethan decided to put aside their differences and reignite their love, And Jules fled to the city. But highs do not last forever, you come down harder, therefore it is reasonable that Season 1 had reached the inevitable conclusion for Rue if she got lost.

Nonetheless, the amazing finale had an ambiguous ending; Season 2 can very well give us answers to a lot of questions that we left unanswered.