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Will the “The Queen’s Gambit” rejuvenate for 2nd season or we should end are hopes till season 1 only?

“The Queen’s Gambit” is based on a novel written by Walter Tevis in 1983. Netflix decided to adapt the novel and make a series version of it in 2019. The series was released on Netflix on 23rd of October, 2020. Nobody expected the huge amount of success the show has achieved. It is indeed incredible. However, we are not sure whether there will be any season 2.

Well, Yeah…we know that the title itself says everything but the series still can be continued

So, yes, we know that title itself says that the series have limited edition. But nobody expected the success “The Queen’s Gambit” has achieved. Not even Netflix knew that the series is going to rock the OTT platform. In November, Netflix itself announced that the series was chosen by 62 million households to watch it. Moreover, the show was in top 10 trending in almost 92 countries. Above all, it also ranked #1 in 63 countries.

However, there is no individual rating but it is also reported that the show has broke the records off screen too. In fact, due to the series, the novel of the series is now on the New York Best Seller’s list after 37 years of its release.

What will be the plot of season 2 if makers decide to make one?

Well, since the makers have not released any official announcement for season 2 we are not sure for the synopsis. But ay be the creators will follow further story of the book on which the series is based on.

Team of “The Queen’s Gambit”

As mentioned above the series is based on a novel by same name written by Walter Tevis. Scott Frank is the creator, writer, director and the executive producer of the series. Anya Taylor-Joy played the lead role in the series.

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