Will Taylor Swift Revamp ‘Better Than Revenge’ Lyrics? Fans Await Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Release

Will Taylor Swift Change ‘Better Than Revenge’ on Speak Now?

Quick Q for Swifties out there: Do you think Taylor Swift is going to rewrite her own lyrical history on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)? And follow-up Q: Do you want her to?

These are questions that have been weighing on many fans since Taylor Swift first embarked on her project to re-record her old albums, but now that the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is so very imminent, they’re becoming unavoidable, thanks to “Better Than Revenge,” which is both undeniably a bit misogynistic and equally undeniably a straight up BOP.

Controversy Surrounding “Better Than Revenge” Lyrics

“Better Than Revenge” is, as the title suggests, basically a revenge anthem. It appeared on 2010’s Speak Now and is gloriously petty and vengeful, but also has very clear problematic elements. The song sees Taylor addressing a romantic rival who stole a boyfriend from her and reminding said rival that, even though she may have “won” that boyfriend’s heart, she shouldn’t get too comfortable because she’s also unleashed the Wrath of Taylor Swift, who does nothing “better than revenge.”

The song has been criticized over the years for being problematic/misogynistic thanks to lyrics like:

Lyrics:“She’s not a saint / And she’s not what you think / She’s an actress, whoa / She’s better known / For the things that she does / On the mattress, whoa.”

Speculation about the Song’s Inspiration

The prevailing theory about the song’s backstory is that it’s about actress Camilla Belle, who dated Joe Jonas immediately after Taylor. The timelines of the relationships support the theory that a 19-year-old Taylor might have felt like Camilla “stole” Joe away from her.

Fan Opinions on Changing the Lyrics

Fans have been discussing and debating how Taylor will (/should) handle the issue and if that will mean changing the lyrics for “Better Than Revenge (Taylor’s Version)” for literally years at this point, and there are definitely plenty of people on both sides of the fence.

Fans Who Want the Lyrics to Stay the Same

There are also a lot of fans who are self-described feminists and find the lyrics problematic on an intellectual level but who are perfectly okay with the fact that they go into full feminism on pause mode when they hear the song and don’t want Taylor to change it.

Fans Who Want the Lyrics to be Updated

On the other hand, there are fans who are hoping that Taylor reconsidered the lyrics and decided to change them to align with her current values and the progress she has made as an artist and person.

Taylor Swift’s Approach to Addressing Problematic Lyrics

Taylor Swift has been known to reflect on her past music and address problematic lyrics. In the past, she has provided explanations and apologies for lyrics that may no longer align with her beliefs or that have caused controversy.

Prior Instances of Taylor Reflecting on Lyrics

Examples include her song “You Need to Calm Down,” where she updated a line that was criticized for perpetuating stereotypes, and her song “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince,” where she addressed the politics and division in the United States.


As fans eagerly await the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), the question of whether “Better Than Revenge” will see any lyrical changes remains uncertain. While some fans argue for the preservation of the original lyrics, others hope for a more updated and inclusive version of the song. Regardless of the outcome, Taylor Swift’s history of addressing problematic lyrics gives hope that she will handle the situation thoughtfully and continue to evolve as an artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What album does “Better Than Revenge” appear?

“Better Than Revenge” appears on Taylor Swift’s 2010 album, Speak Now.

2. Who is the song rumored to be about?

The song is rumored to be about actress Camilla Belle, who dated Joe Jonas after Taylor Swift.

3. Why are the lyrics of “Better Than Revenge” considered controversial?

The lyrics of “Better Than Revenge” are considered controversial due to their misogynistic nature and objectification of women.

4. Has Taylor Swift changed lyrics in her re-recorded albums before?

Yes, Taylor Swift has addressed and updated lyrics in her re-recorded albums in the past.

5. When will Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) be released?

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is set to be released on a specific date, but no further information has been provided as of now.