Will Smith’s Shocking Decision: Why He Chose a Movie That Lost $8.4 Million Over Independence Day: Resurgence

Will Smith Chose a Movie That Suffered a $8,400,000 Loss Over ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

In the ever-changing Hollywood landscape, the decisions actors make can have lasting effects on their careers. One such decision came when the charismatic and in-demand actor Will Smith had to choose between starring in Independence Day: Resurgence or joining the cast of Concussion and the DC Universe film Suicide Squad. This conundrum presented Smith with a difficult choice, and the consequences of his decision became apparent.

Why Independence Day: Resurgence Needed Will Smith

The absence of Will Smith from Independence Day: Resurgence had a significant impact on the film. The original 1996 science fiction movie, directed by Roland Emmerich, was a groundbreaking and beloved classic in the subgenre of science fiction disaster films. Smith’s portrayal of Captain Steven Hiller, the heroic Air Force pilot who played a crucial role in defending Earth from an alien invasion, left a lasting impression on moviegoers worldwide.

The Impact of Smith’s Absence

The decision not to return for the sequel left fans wondering why Smith chose not to reprise his role as Captain Hiller. Despite the return of other original cast members like Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, finding a suitable replacement for Smith’s iconic character proved challenging. His portrayal had become iconic, and his absence was keenly felt in Resurgence. Actress Vivica A. Fox, who played Jasmine Hiller, expressed her belief that Smith’s absence was a major problem for the film.

The Catch-22 of Project Conflicts

Smith’s career was on the rise, and he faced the pressure of filming two blockbuster movies simultaneously: Concussion and Suicide Squad. Both projects were exciting prospects, with Concussion being an Oscar contender that showcased Smith’s dramatic acting skills, and Suicide Squad granting him the opportunity to enter the booming superhero movie realm of the DC Universe. With Independence Day: Resurgence also set to begin production around the same time, Smith had a tough decision to make.

The Difficult Decision

Smith explained that he had to choose between Independence Day: Resurgence and Suicide Squad, ultimately opting for Concussion and Suicide Squad due to timing constraints. Financially, the decision seemed regrettable, as Resurgence went on to earn over $389.7 million internationally, despite receiving negative reviews. In contrast, Concussion, which had a budget of up to $57 million, only made around $48.6 million at the box office.

The Factors Behind Smith’s Decision

Smith’s decision was likely influenced by a combination of factors, including timing, career aspirations, financial considerations, and the potential impact on box office performance. While the financial outcome may not have been favorable, Smith’s focus on projects like Concussion and Suicide Squad allowed him to showcase his range as an actor and further establish himself as one of Hollywood’s most desired leading men.


In the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood, actors often face difficult decisions that can shape the trajectory of their careers. Will Smith’s choice to forgo Independence Day: Resurgence in favor of other projects is a prime example of the risks and rewards that come with navigating the industry. While the financial success of Resurgence without Smith may have been significant, his decision allowed him to explore other avenues and showcase his talents in different genres.


1. Was Independence Day: Resurgence successful without Will Smith?

Despite receiving negative reviews, Independence Day: Resurgence still managed to earn over $389.7 million internationally, showcasing that the franchise could still be profitable without Smith’s presence.

2. Did Will Smith regret his decision?

While the financial outcome may not have been as successful as expected, Smith’s decision to focus on other projects allowed him to showcase his talents and establish himself as a versatile actor.

3. How did the absence of Will Smith affect Independence Day: Resurgence?

The absence of Will Smith was felt keenly in Independence Day: Resurgence, as his portrayal of Captain Steven Hiller had become iconic. Despite the return of other original cast members, finding a suitable replacement for Smith’s character proved challenging.

4. Did Will Smith’s decision impact his career negatively?

While the financial outcome of his chosen projects may not have been as successful, Smith’s decision to focus on other films allowed him to showcase his range as an actor and further solidified his position as one of Hollywood’s most desired leading men.

5. What projects did Will Smith choose over Independence Day: Resurgence?

Will Smith chose to prioritize the films Concussion and Suicide Squad over Independence Day: Resurgence. Both projects offered him exciting opportunities to explore different genres and characters.