Will Smith was jealous about his wife Jada’s friendship with Tupac Shakur!!

It is true how people say that one end in the phase of our own life we may regret some things we have done. It may have been in the past or present or whatsoever. There will be a moment. Maybe for all nd maybe not for all at all. Well the same thing went for Will Smith. He was jealous of his wife and her friend’s relationship. But the actor says that he now regrets getting and being all jealous. The news cane out when he was asked if he was ever jealous. Then Smith said that he fucking shit was jealous about his wife Jada’s friendship with Tupac Shakur. But it was in the early back old days and he even regrets it as well also.

The couple have met each other in 1994 on the set of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” The Hollywood couple then liked each other and went out and all. They both then tied their knot in marriage relationship after three years from there on. From then on they have been loving and understanding each other. But Jada had a thick friendship with the rapper Shakur. It was just friendship. But her husband, Smith was jealous and was not so happy with it.

The actress made it clear that they never really had any physical attraction and to prove that both Jada and Shakur kissed. But both of them said that it was the worst and disgusting kiss ever. They did not even enjoy it even a bit.

So it was really clear that neither she nor her had any kind of intentions like that for each other. Jada tried to let them talk and all, but it never really worked out. Then in 1996 the rapper, Shakur died in a car accident and Smith really them regretted for not at all understanding their friendship and all. It was Smith’s huge regret for never trying to sort it out. He said that  they just loved each other so much as in a friendship way and it was nothing more, just friends. But back then, he did not realize it and both would not talk to each other also. If Smith came then Shakur would talk and vice-versa. But it was the biggest and biggest regret in Smith’s life.