Will Smith isn’t very Pleased with his Son, Jaden Smith’s Boyfriend Tyler the Creator

The world is growing fast and is changing alongside. People have accepted the reality that exists in society and has accepted the natural differences that exist within society. In the olden times, there were hardly any accepted norms when compared with the ones that exist today, homophobia was deep-rooted in the world, and none other than misogyny. We have often seen celebrities making homophobic or transphobic comments out in public.

One such example is of one of the famous singers, a songwriter and an artist, Tyler, commonly called, Tyler the Creator. He has had a record of making sensitive comments on the sexuality of various people, including his own close friends, who he is supposedly dating, Jaden. The two are singers by profession and are doing fairly well in their fields. Jaden has enacted in the all-time famous movie, the karate kid. He is known for his role in that immortal movie.


What is their relationship status?

As mentioned above, Tyler has had a record of making homophobic slurs that are sensitive and can hurt anyone’s sentiments. The two as far as the rumors are concerned were dating from 2013, as that is when the news came out about them possibly staying together in a romantic relationship. However, it becomes tough to believe in due to the history of Tyler of passing comments that he had.

Recently, Jaden accepted in a live concert that he was dating Tyler, despite Tyler appearing in the Golden Globes event, 2020, he refused to speak a word about the topic, rather when he later went home, he tweeted “ My Boyfriend, Jaden won a Grammy’ to which Jaden replied in a unanimous tone calling Tyler crazy. The unclear statements from both sides make it difficult to deduce any information.


From that incident, there were pieces of news circulating about Will Smith, Jaden’s father not being happy with the two in a relationship. Later, some believe that it didn’t happen. T becomes tough to believe in anything since there was no official statement made by anyone.