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Will Lucifer come up with another season?: Release date, plot, and everything you want to know is here.

Since the season 4 of Lucifer aired last year on May 8, the excitement and thrill did not vanish even after FOX canceled the Tom Ellis supernatural series previous year before Netflix returned with this blast.

Fans binged the entire Season and launched petition to ensure that the show continued.
However, what does the future of the plot shows?
Followed by the recommissioning of the statement made by Netflix which says they are thrilled that Lucifer fans have embraced the series so well on Netflix and they are soon to give a big finish for which everyone has been waiting; this confirms that Lucifer season 5 will be the final Season.

Since the streaming platform playing too hard to reveal the ratings, it is difficult to state the release of the next series confidently because Netflix considers a show or film watched if 70 percent is completed. For sure, it will be counting on viewing figures before making decisions. Lucifans has raised a petition for Season five of over fears the show could again be canceled.

Ellis, the actor, has also stated his keen interest for another season, telling in a recent interview that he does not feel like they’ have delivered the story completely yet without giving too many spoilers away. Maze star says MEA worldwide that the trailer came up with 4 million views which are crazy and humble at the same time, but they expect a season 5 as there is a lot to cover and the way they ended the last season was a massive cliff-hanger.

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