Will Jake Paul’s feud with Zayn Malik affect his relationship with Gigi Hadid? Are the two going to break up again? Read to know the full story.

Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid jumped to defend his boyfriend when controversial YouTuber Jake Paul slammed him. She proved to be an ideal girlfriend and took to Twitter and replied to Paul’s slam and supported her boyfriend in the matter. Get the detailed description of the story below.

The 24 years old supermodel, Gigi Hadid is currently busy in Milan Fashion Week. In spite of her busy schedule she came up in support of her on-off boyfriend. The controversial youtuber Jake Paul alleged that Zayn Malik told him to “f**k off” without any reason.

Gigi and the 23 year old youtuber got into a foul-mouthed exchange in which she said that her boyfriend is least bothered about his ugly and irrelevant allegations. She even said that the social media personality’s actions were really embarrassing and he should be ashamed of it.

Jake, who is popular for his role in Bizaardvark recalled his encounter with Zayn. He said that he remembers the musicians attitude when they met each other. But we do not know when they came across each other. Most probably, it was during the Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder match at Las Vegas.

Jake has 3.7 million fans on Twitter. He told them that Zayn Malik has attitude and he is a little guy. He further said that the former singer told him to f**k off even though he was being nice to him. He continued putting allegations by saying that Zayn started yelling at him and he acted like a freak.

Gigi, who is hardly active on social media took up to it to support her boyfriend. She told that Zayn wasn’t interested to go for a night out with Jake and his fellow you tubers thus, he returning to his hotel room. She even said that Zayn is unbothered from his allegations and was better home alone rather than his company.

The couple has recently patched up after three years of their breakup and has came up even more stronger.