Will House of Cards have a season 7? Or was season 6 the finale one? Read to know all about it.

House of Cards is an American political television series. The creator of the series is Beau William.
House of Cards the Finale Season

House of Cards season 6 may be the final season because Buzzfeed issued an article through which star Anthony Rapp stated that Spacey had tried to do intercourse with him when he was only 14 years old. Even it wasn’t cleared but some it’s cleared that the rumor has been the death bell for the sequence.

The House of Cards season 5 finales had arranged a sixth season of Claire vs. Frank. Later on, Frank had deserted the position which excused Claire and who changed him as A President. But, Claire didn’t want to pull down by her husband’s title and also required a new energy position a steely-eyed expression of “My flip”.

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Possibility of House of cards 7

End of an era for Netflix as the House of Cards was the first-ever original show produced by the streaming service. House of season 1 was dropped In February 2013. As the series had played an important role among the fans. Netflix has canceled so many shows like Iron fist, Luke, Sense 8, etc. So the fans have to look upon it whether season 6 will be the last one or not as Netflix has expanded its state.

House of Cards Season 6 did manage to complete by the direction of the end of season 5. If the final one will come but Frank Underwood has already died in his bed. So Claire will want some new enemies to deal with instead of him. As the show has taken a good place among the fans through its pop culture so they want it from Netflix some original series. With the focus of Spacey’s misconduct, there will be very little chance to come another season from it.