“Will And Grace” start Shelley Morrison has Passed Away, however she is still alive in the memories of her fans and co-starts as she was a great actress and a wonderful human!!

It seems like we all are gonna miss a beloved character from a popular sitcom. This person was indeed a wonderful actor, and we all are mourning for his actress’ death.

A Memorable Actress Indeed. We All Are Gonna Miss Her.

Shelley Morrison, the actress who used to play the sassy yet helpful housemaid in the popular show Will And Grace, has passed away. Publicist Lori DeWaal said that Morrison died Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles suffering from heart failure. She was eighty-three.

She played the role of Rosario Salazar in the comic sitcom Will And Grace. Her character was one that fans would never forget and also will remain an unforgettable role in the sitcom. Debra Messing took to Twitter and wrote that although Morrison’s career spanned decades, she will always remain their dear Rosie!

All The Co-Stars Mourned The Actress’ Death.

All the other actors from the sitcom paid their respective tributes to the actress.  They said that apart from being a great actress, she was a wonderful human being and will always be remembered. Their heart is indeed heavy after hearing the tragic news of the actress’ passing away.

She was also known for the role of Sister Sixto on “The Flying Nun” alongside Sally Field from the year 1967 to 1970.  She has also guest-starred in several other shows as well.