Why Stephen King Wishes Hulu Didn’t Cancel ‘Castle Rock’???


Castle Rock wasn’t only any conventional frightfulness arrangement. The show gave Stephen King fans an entirely different fanfiction-based world to appreciate outside.

Tragically, Hulu dropped the arrangement after season 2. Yet, on the off chance that it was up to King, Castle Rock would have continued going for in any event another season.

Why Stephen King Wishes Hulu Didn’t Cancel ‘Castle Rock’???
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The creators of ‘Castle Rock’ had a third season mapped out

Castle Rock was made by Dustin Thomason and Sam Shaw, two energetic King fans who needed to make another fanfiction world with storylines and characters motivated by the creator’s works. Season 1 zeroed in on Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) and the development of a puzzling man known as The Kid (Bill Skarsgard).

Season 2 recounted the tale of a youthful Annie Wilkes (Lizzy Caplan), a character pulled directly from King’s acclaimed novel, Misery. While each season recounted its own contained story, they were likewise associated with a bigger story bend. Furthermore, when conversing with Collider in 2019, Thomason uncovered he had plans to uncover a greater amount of that association in season 3.

“The arrangement was consistently to have an interconnected arrangement of stories and, while each season would be its own starting point, there would be this texture of Stephen’s multiverse, maybe, that consistently rose underneath it, and a solidarity to the tales that existed,” the showrunner clarified.

“Thus, I consider fans season 1 will discover things in season 2, that possibly they’re not expecting, en route,” he added. “Furthermore, when we will prepare 3, I trust that there will be a continuation of what we’ve done in this prepare and a development, and the crowd will begin to feel that there was an arrangement from the earliest starting point.”