Why Lead Star Julia Roberts Won’t Be Appearing In Amazon Series Homecoming Season 2? Did Janelle Monae replace her??

Amazon crime thriller series Homecoming is all set with a brand new second season! The first season left behind many loose threads and the biggest question that fans want to know is whether Julia Roberts star in the second season as well?


Julia Roberts Will Not Star In Amazon Thriller Series Homecoming Season 2! Here’s What We Know.

The second season is all set to star Janelle Monae. While Janelle is all set to play the lead role this time, sadly Julia Roberts won’t be staring in the second season. However, she will continue to serve as the executive producer.

The team behind the series has apparently decided to take on a rather different route while continuing the story of grief-stricken soldiers in Homecoming Transitional Support Center. The show will be an anthology series thus making room for the new actress in lead, Monae! Julia Roberts’s exit was confirmed back in January, however, she is on board as the producer. Take a look at the trailer of the second season to see what’s new in the home of transition!

Janelle Monae Will Be The Lead In Homecoming Season 2 This Time?

The second season has unfolded a new story altogether with some of the familiar characters making a comeback. Monae also ends up in the same Transitional Support Center with no memory of her past life. Her past life began to haunt her with big secrets coming back to reveal a new story altogether.


The second season has went on to grab attention and fans are already intrigued with how the story is progressing along with impeccable acting from Monae!Don’t forget to watch the latest episodes of the brand new second season.