Why is There a Constant Delay in the Next Episode of Supergirl? Let’s Find Out.

Supergirl is undoubtedly one of the most important shows in the Arrow verse. It is a part of CW. It is one of the best TV shows in the Arrow multi verse. But why the episode “Dues Lex Machina’ being delayed? Down below is everything you need to know.

However, the Season 5 of the spectacular TV show has got the fans thinking as a lot has been going on lately. To start with the protagonist of the show the Girl of Steel Kara Danvers played by Melissa Benoist has had to go through the counterblast by her former friend Lena Luthor played by Katie McGrath who upon finding out that she is Supergirl has been threatening her.

Adding to her problems, Earth has been under attack from an unusual threat known as Leviathan. On top that, to make matters go even south, Kara Danvers had the mission to save the multiverse with the other heroes of Arrowverse like Flash and Green Arrow. It was apparent on the long awaited Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Source: CW

The most recent episode of Supergirl is called “Alex in Wonderland” it aired in its usual time slot. In that episode we get to see that Alex Danvers played by Chyler Leigh made an attempt to deal with the demise of her father by using Obsidian Tech to make a fantasy in which she was Supergirl.

The next episode is called “Deus Lex Machina” which was initially expected to be released on 29 March, but after the production on most of The CW’s Arrowverse shows was forced to be at a halt due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

As of now we do not know when the episode will be released but you can always stay tuned to Morning Picker for receiving further updates.