Why Is Kylie Jenner Being Accused Of Copying Sensational Musical Icon, Beyoncé? Is it Inspiration or Plagiarism? Find Out Below

While fans cannot get enough of reality television star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner’s sense of fashion and her extravagant lifestyle. The Kylie Cosmetics founder has an impeccable sense of style and it just gets better with time!

Kylie Jenner Is Facing This New Allegation From Fans!

However, recently fans have been accusing the star of copying one of the biggest names in the music industry! Who is this person? Well, we have to find that out! Take a look at the Twitter image given below that has sparked some major controversy. The makeup mogul is all set to promote her upcoming new makeup collection.

In a recent campaign for Kylie Cosmetics collection, followers have noticed that Kylie is looking a lot like the singing sensation Beyonce in some of her latest promo pictures.

The Makeup Mogul Is Accused Of Copying Beyonce!

In a recent picture posted by Kylie on social media, fans saw her wearing a leopard print bralette. However, this new look has a striking resemblance to Beyonce’s Kitty Kat from her 2006 video. Take a look at some of the images given below where Kylie is rocking the whole leopard print look. 

Moreover, while Kylie Cosmetics has achieved an overwhelming amount of popularity over time and even made Kylie one of the youngest billionaires as well, followers are calling the makeup mogul out for copying some of Beyonce’s old looks. The Kardashian- Jenner sisters have been called out earlier for taking on some looks that were quite similar to that of Beyonce. Fans cannot help but point out the striking resemblance that is sparking major controversy this time. We wonder what the celeb has to say about this new controversy!